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Crystal Khalil & Associates

"Hard Workers Work Hard, and Networkers Move Up" 
Crystal Khalil & Associates

Crystal Khalil & Associates uses proven leadership methodology to transform talent in leading companies all over the world. 


Our corporate leadership solutions enable companies to create the momentum needed for successful organizational leadership through hiring, growing, and retaining high potential talent.  We offer a wide array of leadership development and training programs built on the timeless principles of John C. Maxwell, including keynotes, DISC assessments, leadership games, coaching, and workshops.  They all inspire and challenge you not just to learn but to lead with service, excellence, and humility. All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges.


Our professional development solutions are based on Crystal Khalil's personal mantra that Hard Workers Work Hard, and Networkers Move Up. Through her unique professional growth experience from first generation college student to becoming the 1st African American executive for the most aspirational luxury automotive brand, and further enhanced by her world-class leadership credentials, Crystal has a proven ability to inspire people to embrace their passion, push past their limiting beliefs, and take action towards living their best life.  Utilizing the principles of great leaders, Crystal motivates high-performing individuals to influence irrespective of titles, and to develop strong connections necessary for growth through intentional networking. 


Learn more about how our approach can transform the culture of your organization or your professional career.






The most successful people in this world are also the best networkers. If you want to move past stuck, propel your career forward ten times faster, multiply your income, and achieve the success you have worked so hard for, then networking is the answer you have been looking for.

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The Khalil Experience

Are you ready to move up in your career?  Well, every new level needs a trustworthy guide. Everybody needs a friend to coach them through the process, a community of like-minded, high-performing accountability partners, and a mentor to show the way.


Do you sometimes feel like you don't know what you don't know? Or at times, you may feel like you're stuck in your current role, hungry for the next opportunity, frustrated, experiencing self-doubt, confused, intimidated, or simply realize you need to improve yourself? Then maybe the Khalil Experience is for you. 



The Khalil Experience is an online, group mastermind grounded in SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, and HUMILITY. Together we are focused on increasing awareness, pushing through our limitations, and taking the necessary ACTION towards living our best life.

Iron sharpens iron! Let's Level-Up together.

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Corporate Leadership Solutions

What Clients say about us


Crystal is a powerfully positive counselor and confidant who inspires, encourages, and facilitates change through her unique ability to truly care about others. She personally oversaw my career growth by allowing me to push limits, be creative, and tackle strategic ideas, which has aided me to grow from a young intern to a regional manager within a short period of time. Crystal has listened and advised me based upon a deeply personal understanding of what makes me thrive into the man that I aspire to be. Crystal is a pillar of strength and warmness not only to me, but also to all who surround her as she breaks down cultural stereotypes and builds philanthropic relationships for her community and beyond. ​ ​

Cesare Gallo,Estee Lauder London

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