Honoring Mom

Today is my deceased mother’s birthday. My mother grew up in rural, segregated Greenville, Alabama. She had to pick cotton as a child and plow fields like a mule. They were dirt poor farmers. She marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was sprayed by water hoses by the local fire departments for her bravery.

Unbeknownst to me, she didn’t finish high school until after I had already graduated from college. I thought she had a Master's degree growing up. She provided me and my sister with a warm home, and we didn’t NEED anything. We may have wanted some material things, but we certainly didn’t need anything. We were loved, and our home was filled with laughter. To the best of her ability, she made certain that we pursued our education, and were prepared for this world. She stood in the gap and provided a better life for her children than she was provided. Her sacrifices released generational curses and set a new level of purpose for generations to come.

Today, I honor her by walking in my purpose. As the daughter of a queen, I pledge to take her sacrifices to the next level and create generational wealth, abundance and peace for our family. I’m walking in God’s grace and mercy boldly into this next chapter in my life.

Who stood in the gap for you? Who do you need to honor by showing up in your full light?

As we walk boldly into our purpose, what legacy are you creating for your future generations? It’s yours! Claim it! Own it! Be Bold! Be Brave! Stand on His Word

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