How To Put Fear In Check So You Can Finally Reach Your Potential

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Programming – Thoughts - Feelings – Actions = Results

We have all been PROGRAMMED to fear certain things based on our belief system. The belief system was formed and strengthened by our circle of influence, past failures and hurts, influences and role models, and what my mom used to call the ‘dummy box’ -aka- the television/Media. When we have a new THOUGHT or idea to advance us to the next level, the PROGRAMMING kicks in and causes a FEELING or emotion. Usually, that emotion is FEAR.

FEAR tells us:

· It is not safe

· We aren’t good enough

· We don’t know enough

· We aren’t qualified

· We can’t afford it

· We need all the answers first

· We are running out of time

· We will fail

Remember, this is all based on the PROGRAMMING. Those FEARS influence the ACTIONS we take. If we allow the FEAR to prevail, the RESULT is self-sabotage, procrastination, and ultimately living in the false reality of the COMFORT-ZONE of life. Did you catch that? The Comfort Zone is a False Reality! It is really not that comfortable, and it is definitely not safe!

To put FEAR in check you must take ACTIONS that advance you forward. This is extremely uncomfortable and scary, but it’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people, being broke and massively wealthy, scarcity and abundance, stagnancy and the exhilaration of living out your PURPOSE.

Your SUPERPOWER is your FREE WILL to take UNCOMFORTABLE ACTION! Do things the masses are afraid, incapable, or unwilling to doing. It’s what separates humans from animals, the weak from the powerful, the rich from the poor.

What actions can you take today to put fear in check?

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