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Stop Sabotaging Yourself

It all starts with your self-image Crystal. A strong self-image provides the foundation for confidence, action, and persistence. If you don’t think highly of yourself, those qualities will be in short supply. It’s not easy to examine, challenge, and change one’s beliefs about themselves. But, it must be done to reach the highest levels of success.

Not only will you experience more success, but you’ll also feel better about yourself. All aspects of your life are affected.

Enhance the way you view yourself and enjoy greater success:

1. Figure out what’s sabotaging you. What beliefs and recurring thoughts do you have that are limiting or tarnishing your self-image? Make a list of all your limiting and negative beliefs, and then prioritize the list. Work with the 10 most damaging. A few examples include:

I’ll never be good with money.

I'm a failure. I’m not good at making friends.

People don’t like me.

I just can’t lose weight.

I don’t have any self-control.

I’m not good enough.

I don’t have credibility.

I’m stuck in this career for the rest of my life.

It’s too late to change my life.

2. Attack each belief individually. Use everything at your disposal. Imagine you have the negative belief, “I’ll never be good with money.” The statement is ridiculous. Anyone can be good with money if they know the “rules” of personal finance. You’ve also mastered plenty of other things you weren’t naturally good at, like riding a bike, speaking English, walking, making coffee, and playing tennis. Most of those things are more challenging than handling money well.

3. Learn what you need to know and create a plan. Maybe your networking skills are a little rusty. So you buy a book on enhancing your social life, join a wine-tasting club, and put your newfound skills to work. Spend more time with a friend who is great at networking and pay attention to their skills. It won’t take long to see real improvement in your results and your self-image.

4. List your accomplishments & Wins. You’ve already accomplished and overcome a lot. Regardless of any setbacks or sufferings, you are still standing! You are a fighter. List all of your accomplishments and keep the list handy. Review it daily.

5. Say positive things to yourself. The power of life and death is in the tongue! Create a list of positive affirmations and say them daily when you wake up and go to bed. Paste them on sticky notes on your mirror and read them as you brush your teeth. The little voice in your head desires to keep you safe, even if it means lying to you or sabotaging you. Catch yourself when the negative talk starts flying and change your thoughts. “I can’t do this” becomes “I know I’ll find away.” “I’m too short” becomes “I’ve been tall enough so far for everything that matters. My height is irrelevant.” “I just want to be comfortable” becomes “I am massively wealthy and abundant.”

6. Spend time with people that make you feel good about yourself. And avoid those that make you feel bad about yourself. There are people in your life that make you feel like an attractive, fascinating genius, and there are those that manage to do the exact opposite. It’s obvious which group will enhance your self-image.

Create a list of people to spend more time with and a list of people to love from a distance.

Changing your view of yourself isn’t easy. The path is clear but challenging to execute. The process requires courage, experimentation, and patience. It’s human nature to emphasize the negative and downplay the positive. Develop a realistic opinion of yourself. Be fair, kind, gentle, patient, and most of all loving with yourself.

Enhance your self-image and take your success to the next level.

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