Take the 'Hard" out of Hardship

I pray that you are all safe and full of hope.

As I shared in my recent Cappuccino Conversations with Crystal,

I applied for a 3-month loan deferment for a mortgage on my rental property because my tenants lost their service industry jobs due to COVID19. The online application listed COVID19 as financial hardship. The dictionary defines hardship as something that causes or entails suffering or privation. The word privation is fancy for ‘lack of what is needed for existence.’

Here’s a fast way to tell how things are going in your life: Are you viewing the COVID pandemic as a “hardship” or “challenge”? As someone who is ready to pivot my life I define the current situation as a “challenge”, not a “hardship.” In my eyes, nothing is insurmountable. Something difficult or frustrating is a challenge that can be overcome, rather than a nearly unimaginable hardship.

The entire world is in the middle of a significant life change and we have all had to pivot the way we do things. Let’s change our perspective on hardships. They’re not hard—they’re learning opportunities. The COVID19 pandemic comes with its own set of obstacles and challenges, let’s focus on the potential success stories that could come out of it! And if we do fail… we will fail forward. Fail fast. Fail with the future in mind.

Because failing is our shot at making our lives 10X better.

Photo byRajan AlwanonUnsplash

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